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Dubai is being hailed as one of the most advancing countries in the world.

Not only are investors reaping heavily from the region, but also more and more are opening up shop and focusing on permanently running a business in the region.

While most Arab nations are relying on oil in financing everything related to government development, Dubai has focused on business as a way out for them all.

The business growth in the nation alone is enough to rival all of the other Arab nations in the region, furthermore, more and more people are flocking to reap what the region has to offer which ultimately comes down to the shipping system.

Movement of goods in and out of the region is essential to keep it moving hence the need for an efficient shipping system coupled with reliable freight forwarders whether at the ports or airports.

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Dubai’s position

The business environment in Dubai is that of tranquility and development focus.

Based on the government position, political and monetary stability have been the basis of the region’s success.

Investors wish more than anything to have their investments safe hence the political stability is an assured.

Furthermore, stability in the monetary value of the region makes it one of the few regions to keep on advancing forth even in the midst of world financial crisis.

Another advantage allocated to Dubai is accessibility.

The position makes Dubai able to interact with over 1.5 billion people in the region. More so, the shipping abilities present the nation with some of the best ports in the world allowing development and venture into more parts of the region.

Dubai also is a conduit connecting the east and the west allowing interaction between the two regions hence a key player in the commercial aspect. Compared to other countries whether in the west or east, this accessibility makes it not only the only option for those trying to move the distance, but also a viable option considering everything one could think of is available.

This goes without forgetting the operating environment created for businesses in the region. The knowledge that oil could not sustain the nation for long made the government come up with measures that not only operation affordable but also enjoyable.

Freight forwarders are some of the happy business individuals in the region mainly due to the improved and benefiting business in the region.


Based on Dubai airport statistics for the year 2016 and 2017, the passengers moving through Dubai was one a rise of 7.8% as shown below;

30,119,542 291 2017 passengers

27,926,958 2016 passengers

Furthermore, the cargo is also on a rise still as shown below with a margin of 1.9%.

828,934 cargo 2016

854,359 cargo 2017

The top three countries that seem to trade most with Dubai are as shown below each showing how worth the transaction yearly amount to.

This is according to Dubai customs office.

China- 120.77 AFD billion

India- 70.36 AFD billion

USA – 64.02 AFD billion

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In conclusion, Dubai has created an environment that allows maximum business operation.

Anyone in the region wishes to partake in the development due to freedom, stability and the entire vision.


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