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How Freight Forwarder Directories Can Increase Your Business. Shipper point of view.

Freight Forwarders Service

Freight forwarders are individuals or companies who have extensive knowledge in the field of transportation and logistics.

They assume the important job of arranging the shipment of goods from the manufacturer to the distributor.

Forwarders are responsible for contacting shipping lines, who then deliver the goods to the intended recipient.

Forwarders are utilized domestically but are especially necessary for the transportation of international shipments. Manufacturers connect with forwarders through the use of a freight forwarder directory.

3 of many Reasons to Use A Freight Forwarder

1. To Simplify Shipping

There are many details involved when shipping goods.

Arranging the transportation is only the beginning.

Provisions must be put in place to ensure the product can be located, is properly insured, and that all legal documents and standards are in place. These additional steps can make a manufacturers job more difficult.

Companies who do not outsource to a forwarder will often have to hire additional personnel to handle shipping functions. Freight forwarders are a great resource for any manufacturer. Once the product is released to them, they assume responsibility in nearly every way. The manufacturer is then able to focus on making and selling more goods.

2. For International Business

Transporting goods internationally presents a separate list of concerns.

There are factors that one does not have to consider when shipping domestically. International transportation methods may include air, land, or water travel.

Many times, more than one method will be used. When a product is leaving one country and entering another, steps must be taken to ensure national security and meet foreign policy requirements.

Without the use of forwarders, many manufacturers would not be able to get the product to international customers, limiting their sales and business imprint.

3. Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping product from one location to another may be a hefty expense for a business. A good freight forwarder will have established relationships with carriers and may be able to arrange services at a lower cost. Lower shipping costs equate to higher profits for manufacturing companies.

Looking for a freight quote

3 Reasons to Submit to a Freight Forwarder Directory

1. Contact only Professional companies

Any Freight Forwarder Directories, or at least, Forwarder Directory (FWD), have controls to avoid scam companies.

They also will have different Membership Levels. You can use always the FEATURED or PREMIUM members to avoid unprofessional companies.

2. Compare Quotes

With only one form, you can receive multiple freight quotes from differents Freight Forwarders.

Get Free Freight Quote from Freight Forwarders
Get Free Freight Quote

3. Control Worldwide Service

If you need to provide a quote to a customer in, for example, DDP terms, you need not only a local freight forwarder also one in the destination.

Obviously, your local forwarder could provide that service and rates.

But you can ask directly in Forwarder Directory about destination local expenses and compare with your local forwarder.

Freight Forwarders Directory. Conclusion

Most directories are free to submit to others don`t.

Submission can help to increase your productivity.

A freight forwarder directory is a great way to compare and get quotes from different companies and be confident the service you are hiring is the right one.



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