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10 Talking Points When Writing Reviews For A Freight Forwarder Directory

So, you know that writing reviews for a freight forwarder directory can help you to attract new customers. However, do you know what you should be writing about? If you look at some of the reviews available online, you will notice that most writers do not know what to focus on. Here are 10 talking points that you should always base on.

1. Introduce the services – You should let your readers know the company that you are talking about and how they operate in the freight forwarding industry. You should find any relevant information that anyone might be interested in and pass it to your readers.

2. Their operational base – Every company has specific areas that it covers. There are origin ports where there agents are based and the destination ports where they will deliver the cargo. Let the readers know if the company can deliver cargo to their areas.

3. The shipping process – How do they clear the cargo? Which sea carriers does the freight forwarder use? When a reader finds your review in the freight forwarder directory, they want to know everything about the company starting from when the cargo is cleared to when it is received at the destination port.

4. The agents that they work with – Let your readers know if the company has specific agents that they work with. If they often contract other companies for smaller tasks, you should also indicate it. This will give them a clear understanding of what to expect if they chose the company.

5. Their deliver time – How long does the company take to forward cargo? How long will it take before you can get your clearance documents as well as all the relevant files? You need to investigate this and inform the readers.

6. Their prices – This is quite obvious. Even though everyone wants the best freight forwarding services, they are always looking for a chance to pay less.

7. How they communicate with customers – Have you tried sending an inquiry to the company? How fast did they respond? Was their response useful? Such information helps the reader to know where a company is reliable.

8. The types of customers that they serve – It is common to find a company that only forwards cargo for specific types of businesses. If yours does not fall among them, you can be sure that they will have nothing to offer you.

9. How they compare to other companies – Since your readers already know several freight forwarders, you need to tell them the features that make this new company different from the rest. They should find reason to either choose or reject the new offer based on what you tell them.

10. You fair and impartial opinion – The reader is definitely looking for your opinion because they know you are an expert in this industry. Give them a fair opinion and let them choose for themselves.

At the end of the day, you should leave the readers in the freight forwarders directory convinced that they have found all the information that they need. Try to avoid the temptation of giving untrue facts for your own gain.


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