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Discovering Sao Paolo. Brazil Cargo Freight Terminal

If you need a freight forwarder, you must know what you are doing. This is especially true if you are moving to Sao Paulo. This is an amazing city where you can start out a new life if you want to. We will let you know what the city has in store for you along with shipping costs.
Financial Capital
Sao Paulo is Brazil`s financial capital, which means that a lot of money in circulation in this city. It is also a city where global corporations want to do business in along with banks and other types of financial institutions. You will also find a lot of well-to-do people here because Brazil has the highest GDP per capita in Brazil. This city has also one of the largest GDP per capita in the world, which speaks for itself about the economic power of this city. This city has a $200 billion economy, which is means that there is a lot of production here.
Stock Exchange
There is also a stock exchange here, which is also the largest in Latin America trading around US$ 4 billion a day. If you head to this city, you will find out that the town has been involved in a major economic transformation. The service sector is overcoming the industrial sector in every possible way. Most of the International companies that do business in Brazil are located in Sao Paulo. You will also find a lot of German businesses here along with Swedish ones. This is a city that has a lot of future in Latin America in terms of economic power along with Santiago de Chile.
The Most Populous City
Sao Paulo is the most populous city that you will find in Brazil, and this is one of the largest cities by population on Earth. Remember also that Sao Paulo is one of the wealthiest cities that you will find in Latin America. The city also has a strong influence in many areas of the international life including entertainment, financial and commerce. The name of the city was given in honor to the Apostle San Paul.
You might end up paying around $6000 for a 40ft shipping container if you are moving to Sao Paulo. You can even get free quotes online if you want to. So you can put a lot of things in these containers including boxes, sofas, bicycles, dishwashers, and more. If you have a car, you can use a 20ft container to ship it to the beautiful city of Sao Paulo in no time. You should also consider the tax and quarantine charges that are levied on any kind of vehicle when it enters Sao Paulo. You might end up paying around 20% of the value of the vehicle in taxes.
Sao Paulo is here to stay for a long time because this city has a lot of good things for you. Remember that shipping costs to Sao Paulo are not cheap, so you need to be prepared to deal with these expenses as soon as possible. So take action and enjoy your trip to this amazing city.


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