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10 Reasons Why Customers Are Avoiding Your Freight Forwarding Company

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Every freight forwarder wants to find new customers.

If you are just starting a forwarding company, you need to ensure that people know about it and that they want to hire you.

The problem, however, is that there are companies that find it difficult to attract clients. If you have ever been in such a situation, here are some of the reasons why potential customers are avoiding your company.

1. You have not researched the market – Before starting a freight forwarding business, you need to be sure about the types of customers that you will be serving. Find out what they like and the services that they are looking for. It is quite difficult to market a company to people you neither know nor understand in the first place.

2. Your online reputation is wanting – What is your online reputation? What impression do potential customers get when they research about your company? Work hard to repair your online reputation and customers will be coming your way.

3. There are bad reviews about your company – Many people will want to review your company and let people know what to expect if they choose to hire you. As a freight forwarder, you should always find out what these reviews contain.

4. You cannot match the competition from other freight forwarders – You definitely are not alone in this business. There are many other forwarders competing for the same clients and so, you need to find a way to overcome the competition. The trick is to try creative marketing strategies that no other freight forwarder has ever tried. Customizing your services based on the needs of every customer can also attract a lot of business.

5. You are not in touch with the latest trends – In the freight forwarding industry, the trends are always changing. Customers are looking for forwarders who know the latest trends and if you cannot convince them, they will look elsewhere. If you observe keenly, you will notice that the things that people held so dear several years ago are not the same ones that they are looking for now. Unless you move with the trends, your company will be irrelevant.

6. You are not making good use of technology – Technology has made it quite easy it market a freight forwarding company. It makes it easy to connect with your clients as well as your business associates. Technology also makes it easy to handle documents and send important information to your customers no matter where they are. For instance, you can use social media to send out important announcements or emails to send your newsletters thus saving a lot of time.

7. You are partnering with the wrong people – Your reputation largely depends on the people that you associate with. If you are always linked to companies that are not popular among freight forwarding customers, you will find it difficult to grow your business. The best thing to do in such a situation is to start by researching about the companies that you want to partner with. If you notice that they have disputes with their customers, just find for other partners.

8. The freight forwarding ocean carrier that you like is not reliable – Which ocean carrier do you prefer? How do they handle cargo and how do they deliver it to the customers? This will either attract or keep customers away. Although there are many companies that provide transport services, you should not just pick any of them without knowing what they are capable of doing.

9. Your document handling process is not satisfactory – The way you handle documents and how you store them sends a very important message to your potential customers. They want an assurance that they documents will be safe.

10. You are not active in freight forwarding forums – There are many forums where freight forwarders and their customers discuss important issues. If you are not part of these communities, you are missing out on many potential customers for your business.

You may also want to look at your pricing model. Most of the time, customers will flock to companies with the best offers. However, you should be more focused on delivering high quality services as a freight forwarder because it is the only way you can assure your customers of value for their money and keep them for a long time.


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