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Discovering Kabul. Afghanistan Cargo Freight Terminal.

Kabul city

Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan.

It has an estimated population of six million people. The city is undergoing rapid development.

Currently the fifth rapidly developing city in the world. It is situated in the eastern part of the country.

It covers an area of 275 kilometers squared. It is located in Kabul province. It is an economical and cultural center. Most inhabitants are the Tajiks.

The predominant language is Persian.

Kabul City. Forwarder Directory. Freight Cargo Terminal.
Kabul city. Picture By Masoud Akbari, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Kabul Economy

The main economic products of Kabul is fruits both dried and fresh, Afghan rugs, furniture, nuts, beverages, leather products and domestic clothes.

It has quite a number of indoor shopping centers. There is a business complex in Bagarami which is near the city where industries have been set up.

It has modern facilities which allow companies to run businesses there.

A number of factories are situated there as well.

The country’s central bank is in Kabul. Da Afghanistan Bank is the country’s central bank. Corruption slows down the economy. This was reported by the Transparency International after conducting a study.

Foreign investors, therefore, shy away from Kabul.

This has a vital impact on the economic growth.

International shipping of products is done in Kabul.

Kabul Cargo

Cargo is transported via various means.

Both the sea freight and air cargo are transported. International freights are done by air. There is a directory of freight forwarders in Kabul. They can be reached via various means. Either by email or Skype. The major ones include AS Logistics, Afghan Young Generation Transportation Company, Global Concept Shipping and Kings-line International Freight forward company. The are many others which are freight forwarders. These cargo agents provide services at reasonable price. The duration varies according to order and the client requirements. If urgent then it can be delivered or transported by air. Bulk cargo is ferried using railway. They are first taken to Pakistan by containers. They are then transported using ships. The freight rates are agreed upon. Cargo is transported into Kabul using Kabul International airport. Shipments are arranged for pick up. Freights are also delivered to the nearest terminal of the airport. Cost varies by weight, volume and container size.
Containers are mainly loaded in the different terminals. Loading facilities are also available where you can bring your cargo for shipment. A container may be delivered for you for convenient loading thereafter taken to the nearest rail or port. Other heavy machinery and trucks are catered for by logistics companies at a fee. The cost mainly depends on size and quantity.The movement of such over-sized cargo are achieved by assistance from shipping companies.
Freight agents can be searched online. Services are paid for either online or manually. Payment options are through Pay pal, Visa and other various methods. It all depends with the mode the client is comfortable with. The freight forwarders hence make the process of shipping much easier and faster. They also provide the necessary certification and other related documents. They also provide accurate forwarding costs. These freight forwarders in Kabul provide these services at a certain cost. The safety of the cargo is guaranteed. All the terms and conditions apply.


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