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10 Ways To Leverage On Other Companies’ Websites To Grow Your Freight Forwarding Business

Although most people believe that they have to work hard through their own websites to attract freight forwarding customers, there are other ways through which you can achieve success. For instance, you can leverage on another company’s website such as posting in a freight forwarder directory to grow your business. If you are wondering how, here are 10 ways to do it.

1. Review their business – You can easily grow your own forwarding business by reviewing others. By being objective and factual, let potential customers know about the services that these companies offer. You can then use the opportunity to tell them about your own business.

2. Post articles as a guest – There are many blogs and article directories that allow you to post articles as a guest. These publications will appear under your own name and below them, there will be an author bio that tells readers who you are and what you do as well as how they can reach you.

3. Exchange links – Link building has always been one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website. When your links are on a reputable freight forwarding website, readers from the other end will be tempted to click on them and so, they will end up on your own website.

4. List your company on another website – Have you heard of the many directories as well as ordinary websites that list businesses according to their categories? The best part is that most of them will list you for free thus giving you free exposure to millions of people.

5. Let other websites review your company – It is true what they say; if nobody is talking about you, you definitely do not exist. Let reviewers write about your services and expose their opinions to their readers. You will get enough publicity and you can carry on from there.

6. Run offers and promotions on other websites – If you have been using any freight forwarder directory, you know how much people like offers and free things. If you can use other websites to run these offers, you can be sure that that they will attract more customers that when you do it on your site alone.

7. Start a freight forwarding tutorial on another website – You can teach others about this business and its major challenges. This way, you establish yourself as an expert in this industry making everyone want to know what you do.

8. Start a discussion thread in a forum- Do belong to any forum? Start a discussion thread and use it to let people, know about your business.

9. Start a survey on a community of freight forwarders – Surveys are a perfect way to know what people think about your services. You can use them to make the business better.

10. Use their websites to create a mailing list – When you find a following through any freight forwarder directory, you can create a mailing list and use it to market your services.

Clearly, leveraging on other companies’ websites such a freight forwarder directory has a lot of benefits. You only need to ensure that you choose reputable websites.


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