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Discovering Belarus. Cargo Freight Terminal.

Belarus is a landlocked country which is located in the Eastern Europe. It attained its independence from the Soviet Russia in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. After independence it was given the mandate to form its own government. This also enabled them to set the rules which they were to abide to. However even after the independence the citizens still use the Russian and the Belarusian languages as the official languages.

Belarus republic is headed by the president with the help of the parliament. The parliament has representatives who total up to one hundred and ten in number. The parliament is divided into two houses the upper and lower house. The upper house consists the council of the republic while the lower house has the house representatives. The parliament has the powers to appoint the prime minister and also set and amend the rules. The prime minister has five deputies and together they head the council of ministers. The ministers are appointed by the president of the republic of Belarus. The ministers are appointed from the loyal citizens and do not have to be house representatives.

The country has a judicial arm of the government. The judiciary consists of the constitutional court and the supreme court. The president appoints judges who will head over the judiciary and solve the law related cases. The judicial arm also ensures that the constitution is followed and ensures that action is taken to each and every individual who breaks the law. They also advocate and prevent the violation of the human rights.

The republic of Belarus has military who are meant to protect the country against external foes. The military force is headed y the major general. The major general falls under the ministry of defense headed by the minister. However despite the presence of the major general the president is still the commander in chief of the armed forces. There are also administrative posts in the country. This are named after the cities which are also the administrative centers headed by a legislator.

The country has successfully built and enlarged its economic position over the years. This has been characterized by the many industries. They have invested a large percentage of their GDP in developing and making more industries. This has seen many people get employed in the country. This has also raised the total revenue collected in the country. The many industries have made the country become the most developed country. After independence, Belarus concentrated in large machine building and equipment automation. The also ventured greatly in agricultural production as well as computer and electronics.
Belarus has also invested greatly in oil and gas production. This saw the total importation of goods from Russia decline as they started producing their own. They also started exporting the manufactured goods to other countries.

Currently Belarus have diversified their economy into manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and energy production. To stimulate the economy growth, they have enabled easy access of credit facilities in banks. They have also waived and cut down the interest rates. This has helped to maintain the currency stability and attraction of foreign investors into their country.

Belarus being a landlocked country has established a well developed freight forwarder. These are charges with providing transportation services basically in air. They are meant to aid and provide solutions to transportation services ton its customers. These services include route planning and effective booking. They also provide documentations for the shipment of the goods. The Freight forwarder company also insures and ensures safety among people and cargo transported in or out of Belarus.


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