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Expansion of Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam Cargo Freight Terminal

Expansion of cargo terminal port-airport to increase capacity.
The city is known internationally as HO CHI MINH city and is located in Vietnam. Though small in size, statistics have indicated this is one of the most populated cities in Vietnam. The increasing population has had minimum challenge either to the city of the country since the city has been experiencing positive economic growth hence sustaining the growth without any challenge.
The city is leading on matters of development and social well-being of the local residents. With the high population of about 8.1 million people by 2013, it is estimated that the rate of unemployment is the city is at 4.83 in 2013 as compared to the country Vietnam. With the increasing activities at the airport especially on the cargo activities, the available terminal’s capacity both for passages and cargo are not sufficient. The airport has indicated new demands when it comes to the capacity and the activities done. Unlike the current state of the airport as at now, there is a vision for 2025 which is already being set in place to see the capacity increased to 1 Million cargo respectively.
The whole project which is currently under the control of French consulting firm and has shown that even the airport has been under strain and need to increase capacity. There are two directions the airport is expected to take during the expansion. During the expansion of the airport, major infrastructures like the runway shall not be interfered but instead other elements. The old existing runways will, therefore, be in the position to serve the expanded airport together with the resulting new capacity on cargo. It has been estimated that the existing runway can still accommodate double the capacity following the new limit by 2025.
Initially, there was new opinion proposed to take care of the increasing cargo capacity at the airport and that was to build the new airport. Instead, when the cost of building another airport in the neighborhood was considered, expansion of HO CHI MINH cargo terminal port-airport was considered to be cost-effective and appropriate for the country. The terminals shall be enhanced by increasing on parking areas and increased focus on the use of technology to automate most of the operations on cargo handling at the airport. The plan of land identification and approximation has shown the expansion of the airport will need not less than 24 hectares to give a new strength. It is believed such a move will make the service at the airport top around the world.
Though there are different opinions following the expansions and the manner in which it should be done following the future economic expectation with the airport. Different reports have shown the management of the airport through the former head, Dr. Tong, there is greater potential to the northern part of the airport even if it will call for the construction of the new runway. This is based on the fact that there is already an existing land and this should be considered in the structure and expansion taking place to increase the future potential.
The point of difference is on cost and future ability. The future expansion will be appropriate with the northern position due to easy transport connection both to the roads and other ports. The decision is now with the government under the leadership of the PM who has already received both reports for consideration. The cost of expansion and the chance for further expansion in the future has been considered in both reports as major factors. Though both proposals point out to the expansion of the airport, cost and the future development must be weighed against each other. The third terminal should then be able to handle an additional cargo reducing the clearance time and reducing delays.
The report also suggests on the further expansion that should then be done from 2022-2025 on third and fourth terminals to give the airport even a bigger cargo capacity. The French consulting firm ADPi has based their argument of the cost of expansion should the number of terminals be increased to and 3rd and 4th adding that the country has a new plan for another airport in the neighborhood by 2025. The new airport Long Thanh Airport will then handle a capacity and enhanced cargo capacity reducing the strain on HO CHI MINH cargo terminal port-airport.


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