Freight Forwarder Directory

10 Tips For Writing The Best Freight Forwarding Reviews For The Directories

Have you been finding it difficult to write reviews for a
freight forwarder directory? Have your reviews been attracting negative
responses all the time? You probably have been ignoring important factors. Try
the following tips for the best results.


1. Focus on freight forwarding aspects – It is a freight
forwarding review and so, you do not have to waste too much time and energy
talking about things that do not relate to the industry. Your readers will only
be looking for information that can help them to make the right decisions in
this industry.


2. Write the reviews for freight forwarding customers, not you –
You are posting in article directories for millions of potential customers to read.
You therefore should rise above thinking about yourself and focus on delivering
value to the readers.


3. Narrow down to the most important facts – In as much as you
might want to give a lot of information, most people reading your article in a freight
forwarder directory will only be interested in the most important features.


4. Be factual – even when you are reviewing your competitors,
desist from providing untrue facts. It only portrays you an unreliable source of


5. Use the reviews to get new ideas – This is your chance to
find out what the millions freight forwarding customers really want. Structure the
reviews in a way to elicit a lot of feedback from them.


6. Do not rely on the reviews to sell your services – If you
are thinking that you will use the reviews to portray other businesses in bad
light so as to make your own better, you are wrong. The best option is to write
a neutral and factual review and let the customers go to your site to see what
you are offering.


7. Give your honest verdict at the end – It is not a good idea
to leave your review hanging. After explaining all the facts and features,
spare a small section where you share your thoughts. Let the readers know what
you think about a certain freight forwarding service. You, however, should
clearly indicate that this is your personal opinion in the freight forwarder


8. Use accurate statistics and figures – If your readers notice
that some of the statistics in your reviews are inaccurate, they will always
doubt your reviews. Always check to ensure that everything is rightly quoted
before you submit your reviews in the directories.


9. Compare new services to established ones – To get the
attention of the readers, introduce them to a new freight forwarding service by
comparing it to one that they already know. Tell them how different the new one
is and how it is likely to be better.


10. Let the reader be the judge – Your role when posting reviews
in these directories is to offer information. You are regarded as an expert
owing to your experience in this industry and that is why millions of people
are reading your reviews. However, you should let them decide what to choose.


At the end of the day, a review posted in a freight
forwarder directory should be helpful to the author and the reader. Come up
with content that gives value to the reader and you will get lots of leads for
your business.


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