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Discovering Jakarta. Indonesia Cargo Freight Terminal

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and is one of the
main economic centers in the region. The city has a population of over
10million people and has very many business opportunities. This city has really
grown economically from the times of the being the trading port of the Sunda
Kingdom. It is currently the backbone of the Indonesian economy. In 2016, for
instance, the city was the source of 17.55 of the GDP of Indonesia. There are
many business sectors in the town but those that lead in economic growth
include banking, manufacturing and trading.


If you are into trading and would like to import goods, the
ports cargo terminals in Jakarta are a good choice. Simply get a good freight
forwarder and you will be able to import what you want with ease.


The Tanjung Priok Port is the most advanced in Indonesia and
is the busiest. The open storage area covers an area of 197 hectares and has 21
warehouses that cover an area of 101,972 m2. The basin area is 424
hectares in size with a 3km channel that is 150m wide and 20 meters deep. This port handles over 50% of the cargo
shipped into the country. It is located at the Northern part of Jakarta city. At
this port there are 20 terminals including those that handle oil, chemicals,
containers, bulk liquids, scraps, passengers, and general cargo. The current
capacity of this port is 14 million 20-foot equivalent units. This may not be
much and hence clearing goods may take a while. However, there is an expansion
plan in progress and this will increase the port’s capacity to 18 million
20-foot equivalent units.


Goods shipped in by the port may be collected at the port or
at locations across Java where shipping is done by rail.


Tanjung Priok is not the only port in Jakarta. The other is
the Sunda Kelapa. This is an old port located in North Jakarta but is much
smaller than the Tanjung Priok. Sunda Kepala is not used for making many
imports, this port is very significant not only in the area’s history but the
present as well. It is the only port that can dock pinisi which is a
traditional ship with two masted wooden sails. This serves as a freight service
among the islands in this archipelago.


Though perfect for importing goods to the Java area, the
ports above are not the most ideal for importing to other regions of Indonesia.
The Sibolga Port is the most suitable for importing into Sumatra region. This
is located in North Sumatra in a similarly named town with a population of over
84,000. This port is not very busy but boats carrying passengers and trade
goods do dock at the port. This port connects the islands of Simeulue and Nias with
the rest of Indonesia.


In Kalimantan, a suitable port is the Pontianak located in
the capital of the West Kalimantan Province, Pontianak. The port is located at
the delta of the Kapuas River and covers an area of 107.8km2. The
container terminal here has two container cranes which ease the workload the
port has. Also in place are modern loading and unloading equipment.


Kupang Harbour is a port located in East Nusa Tenggara Province.
It serves both cargo and passenger ships from nearby ports. It is mainly used
for timber transportation.


There are many other
ports that serve different areas. Those that serve the Java area include Merak,
Cirebon and Sunda Kulapa to name but a few. The Sumatra region is served by
Jambu, Belawan and Sungai Pakning to name but a few. If importing to Kalimantan
the ports you can use include Banjarmasin, Bitung and Pare Pare. Benoa and
Waingapu ports serve the Nusa Tenggara area while Sorong Port serves the Maluku
and Papua regions.


As you can see, importing and exporting goods to and from
Indonesia is not that hard. There are many ports that you can use as channels
of entry into the country depending on what is most convenient for you. With
expansion plans on many ports ongoing and others planned, the ports will be
more functional and their capacities increased in the near future. This lessens
the waiting tine which is every importer’s dream.


What are you waiting for? Talk to a freight forwarder and
start planning how your next shipment will get to Indonesia. Even those
importing to other countries in south Asia can make use of these cargo termini
in Jakarta and the rest f Indonesia for great services. Ensure
that you seek the services of a qualified forwarder and you will be happy with
the results. They will work together with the shipping systems in place to
ensure your shipment gets to you fast and in good shape.


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