Cargo Freight Terminals

Discovering Hamburg. Germany Cargo Freight Terminal

One of the most economic cities in the world is Hamburg located
in Northern part of Germany. With a population of over 1.7 million people
living within the city’s limits, it occupies a substantial piece of land of 292
square miles or 755 kilometers. The city has tight traffic of freight due to it’s
proximity to Hamburg airport. This airport is one of the busiest in Europe and
the world as whole, as it handles huge amounts of cargo and passengers. For
this, there’s an approximated growth rate of five per cent per year.

Hamburg airport is located 5.3 miles (which is 8.5
kilometers ) North of the city centre. It is also known as Flughafen Hamburg as
this was what it’s initial name was. This prestigious facility boasts of ultramodern
technology in cargo handling and for ensuring that passenger enjoy optimal
experience. With an estimated 15 million travellers using the facility per
year, there has been recent huge renovations to make it one of the most
user-friendly airports in the world.

This airport also handles a large amount of cargo. It is
approximated that 150,000 tonnes per year pass through the airport which makes
more than 150 freight forwarders utilize the facility. This makes it a major
indirect employer of numerous workers and also a direct employer having more
than 1500 individuals working there. There has been construction of a new cargo
wing that has smoothened the work of freight forwarders significantly.

This new facility called Hamburg Airport Cargo Centre (HACC)
is not only a sight to behold but also one to appreciate as the volume of cargo
being handled is drastically increasing each year. It boasts of more than 20,000
square kilometers designated for logistics operations. This area has 44 loading
ramp positions for trucks and 36 for articulated trucks. It is connected to the
airport’s apron directly via a 60 metres underpass. This facility has been a
major milestone through its capacity to handle much of the cargo jobs thus reducing
the previously experienced traffic. As such,
freight forwarders have been able to deliver in time to the consumers making
sure their products retain quality and also quantity.

Hamburg airport has
two terminals which are simply named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Despite the
naming, the latter was constructed earlier though both are designed by same
architect. Terminal 1 has seven floors. It has more airlines than Terminal 2. In
spite of this, due to common design they both use their level 0 and level 1 for
arrivals and departure respectively. Terminal 1 has 12 baggage claim belts on
arrival lounge. With huge and well maintained runways, the airport has been
able to handle even the big airbuses that most airports fear. This means that
all the terminals are forever busy thus the need for large number of belts for
claiming of luggage.

One of the most notable features that shows the commitment
used to give passengers comfort is use of modern technology. Terminal 1 has a
thermolabyrinth that can regulate temperature in the building using ground
temperature.This unique technology has ensured that passengers neither freeze
in winter nor get roasted in summer when the sun can be very hot. Hamburg
Airport has 12,000 parking spaces and two runways. With many users, it has a
total annual demand of 250,000 tonnes that the freight forwarders need to pass
through. Thus the financial analysts have given an estimated 5 per cent growth
rate per year as this demand is also rising.

The airport has a plaza that hosts a myriad of support
facilities such as restaurants, lounges, shops and central security check.
These facilities are important as they are one of the factors behind so many
freight forwarders volume at the airport. The security check is very important
as it ensures that no illegal or life threatening activities are undertaken by
criminals. This is vital as some of the most targeted facilities are airports
and Hamburg airport has ensured that any person with an ill intention is easily
picked out and handed to law enforcement agencies.

With those facilities present in Hamburg airport, there is
an influx in cargo handled by freight forwarders making it the best airport in
Europe and it has won several awards to that effect. With this, the consumers
are now more easily able to access and purchase products from manufacturers all
over the world, thanks to both the committed airport maintenance crew and the
ever helpful freight forwarders.


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