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Discovering Barcelona. Spain Cargo Freight Terminal.

Barcelona – Spain cargo terminal port-airport




About Barcelona city




Barcelona is one of the largest cities
in Spain with historical significance. It is the second most populous city in Spain
and the largest city in the Catalonia region. It is a huge metropolitan area
and has a population of 1.6 million. Its urban area is the sixth most populous
area in the Europe.




Barcelona is one of the world’s
leading centers for media, entertainment, education, commerce, science, etc. It is a major
financial center and is the 4th most economically powerful city ranked based on
GDP in European union and has a total output of 177 billion Euro and a

prominent city in Europe.




About cargo terminal port



This city is a major transportation
hub in the world. The Barcelona port is the principal seaport of Europe. Its
passenger port is the busiest in the country. The Sea port commands great
importance in the commerce of the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, it is the
largest metropolis port and is located on the sea coast between the rivers
Besos and Llobregat.




This port is as old as the Barcelona
city and has been in operation from 2000 years ago. One of the important
features of the city is that it has a large port on the Mediterranean sea with
an area of about 10 sq. miles and sprawls around 25 km length. it is also one
of the largest ports in Europe. This port has three
divisions as commercial port, Port Vell, and logistics port which makes it safe
for the various port activities. Its vast port size supports shipments of large
sizes and it is the busiest port in Spain. The Barcelona Harbour is the leading Mediterranean
turnaround base and a
most important European cruiser port. It is the 9th largest container port in




This port and has great connection to
Europe via Pan-European
transport corridors and has a highly favourable geographical position. Its maritime
port system has other satellite ports to support extra inflow of traffic. It has passenger traffic of around 3 million and
handles cargo of 3 billion USD. its annual cargo tonnage is 42,434,17 tonnes and the annual container volume is 1,720,383 TEU’s. The total of vessels
arriving in the port is nearly 7,700.




Port of Barcelona is both river port and
maritime port. On a daily basis the port handles 200 river vessels. Various
activities such as loading and unloading happen at the port. Bonded warehouses
are available for business investors. There is a free trade zone in the port
which offers a variety of services and has comprehensive truck/lorry area,
service area, sports facilities area and reception area.




The port also has advanced telecommunication and computer
system, customs duties service, security system, bonded warehousing service,
and combined multiple transport system. This port has number freight forwarder
agencies that can handle various ship cargos and seamlessly transfer material
to international destinations. They greatly increase the efficiency of the port




About airport




Its international airport, Barcelona–El Prat
Airport is one of the biggest in Europe. Barcelona airport is located
on the outskirts of Barcelona at a distance of around 17 kms. It is one of the
busiest airports of Barcelona and provides access to the Port of Barcelona
and Catalonia region.
It is also considered one of the best airport for cargo transfer.




This airport handles more than 44 million passengers every
year who visit Spain for tourism purposes and nowadays can handle 3000
passengers per hour. Its capacity expanded to 70 million passengers per year
thanks to a major expansion operation. It is one of the busiest airport with
highest number of flights handled pegged at 734. There are various cargo
airlines such as FedEx express, DHL Aviation, Lufthansa cargo etc. flying
millions of tons of cargo every year.


The airport is well connected with other international
airports. Various airline companies such as Vueling, Ryanair, and Lufthansa fly
to destinations all over the world. There are several buses which shuttle
between the city and airport and travellers can also opt for taxis.


It has various facilities including 258 check-in counters,
60 jet ways, 15 baggage carousels, 12,000 parking spaces. Both Schengen and
non-Schengen flights are available in this airport.


There are various freight forwarder agencies available in
the airport, who can conveniently arrange shipments for individuals and
corporations form the manufacturer of goods. This city has international
freight forwarders who can expertly handle international shipments. These
freight forwarders have additional expertise in preparing and processing
important documentation and customs and other relevant activities related to
the shipments.








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